Top 5 Issues with Guest/Contractor Internet WIFI Access

Most common top 5 requirement is as follow:
a. To provide Internet to Guest/Employee Own Device or Contractor?
b. Need to Authenticate the valid user?
c. Need to keep User web usage log for more than 90 days?
d. Same Authentication service across HQ and branches?
e. Self-Service with employee sponsorship?

The anonymity of using Internet in Corporate is a cause for concern. Internet has helped open many channels of communication and flow of information/resources for users;
However it also invited abuse on using the internet such as cyber bullying, spreading false information, recruitment (terrorist) and Internet Scam. All these will cascade into larger events such as protest, social unrest and police investigation. Regulatory also keep tab on this and require company to identify and keep log on web usages and also self-censorship(if required)


Ask4key has assisted global companies provides authentication-as-a-service with third party Secure gateway (e.g. Zscaler) to secure their GUEST/BYOD/CONTRACTORS and providing useful web usage logs at a fraction of the cost of typical appliances solution.


To learn more about how our solution, please email us at Info@ask4key.com




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