Secure Your Guest Wifi Login With Ask4key And Zscaler

Still taking risks on your guest wifi ? Contact info@Ask4key.com or partner  for a demo

Ask4key - Guest wifi
Guest Wifi – Ask4key with zscaler
  • Still providing FREE OPEN WIFI for GUEST, CONTRACTOR and BYOD on your HQ and remote branch office?
  • Still writing WIFI  password on whiteboard and share with all users?


What is the risk?
In the event, one of guest used your corporate internet to send false news (e.g. Bomb hoax at airport or recruiting terrorist) or posting offensive remarks online; this will lead to investigation by lawmakers  and there is a  need to trace senders of the message/posting.

How will your IT react to this request? Are they ready to provide the details to investigators?

Ask4key Guest Internet Solution allows GUEST/BYOD/CONTRACTORS to access your corporate internet with captive portal and identified the user based on their mobile number. It keeps up six-month full web usage logs by users  and reports. You can filter out on categories of web site or cap the daily quota for each guest.  Learn more about our solution through www.ask4key.com

Contact us (info@ask4key.com) or our partners for a Demo or POC

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